Animal Paintings

Ideally I work from life, that is,

observing and drawing

from the living animal. More

often than not this is entirely

 impossible, either because of

distance, commitment, time,

and the opportunities offered.

Generally, therefore the photograph is the essential source for my work. Many of the decisions regarding technique, size and style of the work depends as much on the quality of the photograph as the subject.  I work principally in Artists Gouache as my preferred media. This is a water based impasto paint with an excellent colour palette and fast drying qualities.



by Janet Williamson B.Sc. B.A. 



 By using  several  photographs of

 the same animal to give me a

 rounded view I hope to achieve

good results. Within these

limitations, it is possible to

 combine several subjects from

 different photographs in the

same work. The same applies to

the surroundings or background

 to my paintings, provided I have

 sufficient information the 

combination between subject

and surroundings is possible

drawing on personal experience

 and memory.